Saturday, 31 January 2015

365 days of Inspiration- If I won the lottery...

For my birthday (back in June so I’m just a touch behind schedule) my friend bought me this book:

Aside from being really cute, it has a little challenge or quote for every day of the year. As a form of motivation and to keep me on track with it, I thought it would be nice to feature little snippets of the challenges on here where appropriate.

So as a starter, my task for the 26th was to imagine that I had won the lottery and list all the things that I would do if I did win big. Aside from being a bit of fun, I thought it would be a good post near the beginning of my blog to reveal a little bit more about me!

So, here we go:

1) I enjoy my job (most of the time) and am really focused on having a career and not just a job and working my way up the ladder. The kind of work I do is more than possible to manage on a project by project basis meaning if you have financial backing then it's possible to take on jobs with periods of your own time in between. 

Oh my God I would do this. 

The world is just so vast and I think when you start to see more of it, it becomes an insatiable thirst. I'm lucky with the places I have been and maybe that's a blog post in itself if anyone is interested. There are so many places I would love to go though, I've got a list as long as my arm!

So, massive load of waffle there, but I would take the time inbetween projects to really see the world. I've done enough travelling to know how long I like to be away for and what I like to do. My ideal is about two months away, with the first month working on some sort of volunteer project, and the second month travelling around and seeing as much of the country as I can cram in. Maybe I should do a post on all the places I would love to go....

Cruising along the Li River

2) Buy a flat. I work in London and oh lordy am I bored with the commute. I'm 23 and have been doing it for over a year now. It's boring, it makes me ill all the time and anyone who commutes knows that there is nothing more annoying in this world than other commuters. Not yourself though- you are wholly virtuous and never do anything that may annoy your fellow passengers in the same way that they annoy you. 

I wouldn't want anything ridiculous and worth millions and millions with all the mod cons. But I would like a three bed, probably in Kensal Rise/ Queen's Park. I would let my friend's live in it at a rent that they can actually afford and it would always be warm. Also it would be largely decorated from Zara home, Anthropologie, Oliver Bonas and Urban Outfitters. And we would have dinner parties every Wednesday night. 

3) I'd buy my Mum a lovely little house. We live out in the country and she'd like to move to a small little cottage really. We're in to horses and so it would have a couple of acres and school as well. I'd maybe buy her a little pony to have a nice time on as well.

4) Following that I'd buy myself a dressage horse that would allow me to do British Dressage U25s- something that has always been my main life goal. I could then die happy.

5) Handbag. I seriously need a black handbag. My brown Mulberry Bayswater has stood me in good stead now for years and is still going strong. I'd like to be able to give it a few days off a week really and let's face it- who doesn't need a black handbag? The problem I face at the moment is that I will start the hunt for one then get distracted by ridiculously expensive Stella McCartney numbers...

5) Get fit! I would like a personal trainer to help me compensate for my laziness please. I swim once a week, and walk a lot of dogs and ride at weekends so I'm not obese. But I am chronically unfit. I'd love to start some of those Psycle London classes but they're so expensive! Also if I had a personal trainer I'd have the body of Rosie Huntingdon Whitely. Right?!

6) Singing lessons. Used to have them but my teacher did scare the absolute **** out of me and there's no way I could afford them in London. I'd also really love some language lessons, probably in German and Mandarin. 

7) Cliche maybe but I would like to donate some to charities. I would probably start with those that I discovered travelling which would include a lion project and probably the Chengdu Giant Panda Centre for Breeding and Research. Charities are actually quite tricky though, particularly animal ones, and require a lot of research. All sorts of unexpected and well respected charities can have affiliate links to canned hunting and all sorts, so if I did have money then I'd really want to conduct some careful research. I'd also love to support charities for Alzheimers and Dementure more.

8) Lastly, it's boring but I'd want to invest a lot very sensibly and carefully. A cash injection like that would be harvested very carefully by me! I would consider property but hopefully would have a financial adviser to help. I would want to make sure I was earning enough that my family and I could always be comfortable and the dream of winning big would never end!

So there we go. Maybe a boring list, but I think that's what I'd do! Inevitably there would be clothes and make up along the way but I think I'd try not to go too crazy! Topshop and Urban Outfitters would definitely see a rise in their sales figures though...!

What would you guys spend your millions on?

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