Friday, 9 January 2015

New Year, New Blog

Oh dear, that same old title, those same tired New Year's resolutions!

I had my little blog that I was just starting to get to grips with at University and was really enjoying myself. Unfortunately, BOOM, all of a sudden the dissertation hit and it all fell apart!

To be fair, now that I'm out of University and into the working world my life is probably rather more exciting than when I was wading my way through the entire works of Shakespeare or navigating the nuances of post colonialism... 

So what can you expect from this blog should you stumble across it and decide to give it a cheeky follow? Well this will be written for me about what I enjoy. I'm hoping to write about travel, cinema, books, and maybe the odd bit of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Let's see where it ends up, eh?!

So back to these resolutions.

I've only been making these over the last few years and to be honest they've gone relatively well so far. 

2013 was to experiment with my style more. I don't know about you, but I would always look at others and think how much I loved their style or trends that were in at the moment but would be convinced that they weren't for me and I could never pull them off. I've definitely become better at trying on those pieces that need a little more bravery for me to wear and seeing if I can work them in to my existing wardrobe. I'm happy to say that there is a much wider array of printed trousers and leather skirts in my collection now and I really enjoy the process of putting pieces together much more. I still occasionally spend too much time considering what other's think of my style, but I'm getting better every day at not caring!

2014 was spurred on by the successes of the previous year. Selections included red lipstick and scrapbooking. A lot has happened and changed over the last year, so I may not have been quite so dedicated to the cause as in 2013 but I can still say I've fulfilled my goals.

You'll note that there's not a lot of "I'm going to run a marathon at least once a week", and "I'm going to lose 20 stone". Of course I'd like to be fitter and I'd certainly like to be leaner. But for me I think those are lifestyle choices, while New Year's resolutions are a way to introduce achievable new hobbies, skills or habits in to your everyday. 

So on to 2015 and on to the blog.

As I mentioned before, I used to really enjoy blogging. I think I probably put too much pressure on myself though, and was trying to churn out beauty blog posts that weren't as me as I would have liked. I got frustrated that my pictures weren't as clear and crisp and well lit as the professional beauty bloggers out there. But that's just it; I'm not a professional. I'm just little me, enjoying writing in the evenings. 

Resolution 1- Blog.

I also recently went on holiday to Budapest, just for a long weekend. I went with my best friend and had a blast. I love taking photographs, but for some reason when I was there I found myself reaching for the video camera rather than my normal still images. Cut to a month later with Christmas out of the way and I found myself ridiculously enjoying the whole editing process. As such, I really want to do more of this sort of thing and plan to embed some of my videos in to this blog. I'm guessing this means youTube as the easiest method to share video, but this is something I will begin looking in to. 

Resolution 2- Videos. 

So a happy New Year to everyone out there, may your resolutions serve you well through the year ahead and maybe bump into you in the blogging community some time!

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  1. Can definetely relate. This should be a good year :) Good luck with your new years resolutions!