Friday, 30 January 2015

Saying yes

I'm definitely one for worrying too much what other people think of me and letting self consciousness hold me back. 

Things that make me most uncomfortable are really more extroverted type activities as well as physical challenges. Fit I am not. I think it's really important to be open to new things all round however, physical, cultural etc. Going to see a film at the cinema that isn't your usual type or reading a book by an author unknown to you- whatever it takes to push yourself. 

With this in mind I found myself trekking off the the O2 after work one night to see the NBA. New York Knicks vs. Milwaukee Bucks, all in the name of an old friend's birthday.

I thought I'd enjoy the game but not to the extent that I did. It was great! 

I knew nothing about basketball before and while some swotting on the rules prior wouldn't have gone amiss, it certainly wasn't a problem. I have to say, the US really have nailed my sort of sports! The whole game was a performance and a spectacle. Cheerleaders, mascots, hoop-shooting trampoliners... There was so much action whether the players were on the court or not that it was genuinely impossible to be bored. Because everyone was having so much fun the atmosphere was incredible as well, no matter which team you were supporting. 

Tickets were expensive, I can't lie, and I probably wouldn't have considered paying the price if it hadn't been for a friend's birthday. I'm so glad that I did though and I really would recommend taking the opportunity to go to something a bit different with your friends if you can. You'll probably be surprised how many would be open to it- people often just need that one friend in the group to nudge them into things by taking the organisational lead. 

Snapchat had us covered...

Is there anything you're curious to do that you haven't got round to yet? Or have you been to something that surprised you how much you enjoyed? I'd really love to hear anyone's ideas or thoughts- I'm going to start making a list of all the things I could do and definitely have my ears open for any inspiration! 

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